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The TRIBE Cambodia Art Gallery shows works by Siem Ap, one of Cambodia's most popular artists. Moving to Cambodia "is the latest in a series of projects announced by SIEMAP Cambodia, the world's largest independent art gallery in the country.

The art includes a selection commissioned by Colour Cambodia, a program that provides free art education to underprivileged Khmer children. Color Cambodia offers free art education to children under five in rural Cambodia through a partnership with the Cambodian National Museum.

Hanley Siem Reap Art Tours also offers tailor-made tours for visitors who want to get to know the city's art scene better. Guided tours are free and you can drive back and forth from the company that also runs the Angkor Silk Farm. If you are interested in organising a trip to Siem Reap or other parts of the capital of Cambodia, contact them via their Facebook page.

If you choose a full-day tour, spend the morning exploring the UNESCO-listed temples of Angkor (no entrance fees). If you want to explore some of the best art galleries Siem Reap has to offer and feel able to do so yourself, look no further.

If you are still looking for a new and refreshing experience in Siem Reap, read our guide with 10 unique activities to do during your stay in the city. Experience Cambodian stories in a unique way by visiting Phare, the Cambodian circus, on your next trip to Siem Reap.

Read on to see what happened at the gallery last year and what Gladys is transferring to the art scene in Siem Reap today. We hope that you will visit us and support the incredible work that is being done in modern art and culture, which has sprouted from the ashes of the Khmer Rouge regime. What is your favorite art gallery Siem Reap and which ones will you visit during your stay?

With the many art forms to explore in Siem Reap, your inner art lover will be included, which is why Go Cambodia Tours offers free guided tours to the Khmer Kid's Art Gallery and the Phnom Penh Museum of Modern Art. You should stop by the Old Market on the promenade to take a free guided tour of the museum, and for 45 watts it is a great place to stop by for a good meal and drink and a good view.

The gallery, which opened in 2006 on the road to the famous Angkor Temple, aims to restore the then extremely glorious Khmer ceramics to their former glory. The director of the museum, Phnom Penh Museum of Modern Art, also creates locally made arts and crafts, including ceramics, pottery, jewelry and other traditional crafts. Siem Reap is definitely a great place for curious visitors to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Cambodia and its rich history, "says the head of Siem Reap Cambodia Tour of Go Cambodia Tours.

This is what Hanley of Siem Reap Art Tours has offered his select community of artists and designers more than anything else, some of which you could not achieve on their own. This is what Hanly of Siem Reap Art Tours offers to his select communities of artists and designers more than anything else, as if one simply had not been Can't you access them by yourself?

The main attraction of Siem Reap is (and remains) Angkor Wat and the neighboring temples, the art scene is by itself and worth it on its own. While visiting the Angksor temples is a great opportunity to get a real sense of the heyday of the Khmer Empire, visiting an art gallery seems to be the best way to learn all the details about the culture, art and life of the locals.

We have sat down with Wayfair Travel to learn more about Siem Reap and what discerning guests should know to plan their Siem Reap route. It seems appropriate to combine it with the Baby Elephant - the tried and tested formula of a full-frontal headlining trip to Cambodia's most popular tourist destination. SiemReap Art Tour starts with a visit to a number of art galleries in the main shopping district of the city, Phnom Penh.

While the famous image of the Angkor Temple, which uses infrared film to create striking antique photographs, is the only work by a foreigner on display at the Cambodian National Museum, this artist has done more to put Siem Reap on the world map of art. Apart from this work and others, the ruins offer a perspective and only add to the experience of visiting the temple itself.

Once a year he gives art courses for teachers and students and once a year for his students. Hanley's Siem Reap Art Tours stop at Angkor Temple and the Cambodian National Museum, which he runs, as well as other temples in the city, such as the Temple of Phnom Penh.

More About Siem Reap

More About Siem Reap